Hello knitters and coffee addicts and welcome. Even if you're not a knitter or like the taste of coffee - welcome anyway - to the site that promotes the learning and appreciation of knitcraft and coffee. The hope is that you'll leave here keen to knit, charmed to coffee and hankerin to return.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

found on etsy

Found this on etsy. Rather striking, the black and white combination. The design is by CaCtuSDesiGn. I figure, I can make this. Sandy wants one, but not my first attempt, since those are usually full of mistakes. If anyone reading this blog wants one, just click on the picture. It is listed on etsy.com for 22.99 $USD plus shipping. But if you're willing to wait for me to figure out the pattern so you can make one yourself, then stay tuned.

Magnets Makes Anything Awesome!

While reading through Lifehacker.com, I saw this picture. I followed the link and found Popuplunch.blogspot.com. Alexandra Pulver is the creator of the site and the genius behind the magnetic coffee cup sleeve. From the looks of the photo, the sleeve seems to be felted; how the magnets are attached cannot be seen, but I'm thinking felted pockets. I will be making one so as to be ready for Roll-Up-the-Rim season.

On Popuplunch, are Alexandra's other creations like the fold-up lunch box - it unfolds into a plate but looks really cool as a lunch box - quite the cool design. Also cool is her design for the title of her blog - great font. I should really invest some time into spiffing up mine.

Monday, December 28, 2009

Scarf for Cynthia

Okay, I haven't written about knitting for a while; correction, I haven't posted anything for a while. I had planned intended dreamed of knitting items for everyone this Christmas. Well, Christmas came and went, and my needles were untouched like this blog of mine.

So to get a head start on Christmas 2010, I've decided to make a scarf that Cynthia requested, last year (it's going to be a two year project). What do you think of this one Cynthia? It is a Tubular Scarf , a pattern I found on Revelry.com from Anna Hromova. It's one of the many free patterns on Revelry.com. Just become a member (for free!) and you can search for patterns.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

A Sad Day - I Broke My Chemex!

It is a sad day indeed. This was what my Chemex looked like at it's best, brewing me clean crisp coffee. I didn't take a picture of the broken Chemex, it would have been too sad of a picture.

How did I break it? I actually smashed it with a coffee mug. I was pulling a mug out from the upper cupboard and was setting it down on the counter. But before I hit the counter, the mug hit the rim of the Chemex, shattering the upper funnel. well, no use crying over spilled coffee or milk or shattered Chemexes - I will be getting a new one, may be the old school model with the wooden handle this time, the one Sandy originally wanted.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Look at All the Beanies!

Pretty good book for an impulsive buy at a grocery store.  Usually when I get a knitting book, I flip through the pages and end up making one or two patterns.  But with this book by Amanda Keeys, I ended up making 5 projects and I plan on making quite a few more.  Not sure what I'm going to do with all of these beanies because Sandy's not expecting and Khuno sure doesn't like wearing them.